KGG Archivenist #05

2023. 03. 02.

In the "KGG Archivenist" edition, we will introduce and explain the rare vintage collected by Kinji Teramoto. The 10th bullet isBIG YANK# 1919 # 1920 # 1933 This is an introduction of reprinted products of these three models. As a guest, Berberjin Yuu Fujiwara appearedBIG YANKDial to talk with Teramoto. This time it is not a order production system35summersSales will start on March 6, 2023 at the directly managed store. Please contact each store, Anatomica and each store near you.

Rocky Mountain FeatherbedThe latest items are each of the Rear stores, Anatomica stores,35summersYou can see it at the official online shop.
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* Kinji's Great GROSS 35Summes representative Kinji Teramoto calls himself an archive nist, researches the items collected, reprinted and selected special items, and sells pre -order in limited quantities, Kinji's Great GROSS, Kinji's Great GROSS, KGG for short.
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