Rocky Mountain Featherbed × NIGEL CABOURN / 24AW Pre-order exhibition

2024. 05. 14.
Rocky Mountain Featherbed × Nigel Cabourn / 24AW 先行予約会
KINJI’S GREAT GROSS #14 read Rocky Mountain Featherbed × NIGEL CABOURN / 24AW Pre-order exhibition 2 Part
《Rocky Mountain Featherbed × Nigel Cabourn >>

A talented vintage collector set up a tag

The long -awaited collaboration project


It started with the promised reunion. Designer of the old friend "Nigel Cabourn": Nigel Kabon and ""Rocky Mountain FeatherbedIs a brand holder35SUMMERSRepresentative: Kinji Teramoto. Reunited in Hong Kong for the first time in Hong Kong, which rushed to celebrate a common friend.
Teramoto's "Rocky Mountain FeatherbedFrom over 200 vintage collections, we picked up an archive that Nigel was worried about, and dropped it in Nigel -style with reference to more than 4,000 vintages owned by himself. There, Teramoto's insistence as an archive second strikes everywhere to go to the capsule collection of the whole body.

On the day"Rocky Mountain FeatherbedWe will show you a full collection of all 8 types of X "Nigel Cabourn". The 50th anniversary "Rocky Mountain FeatherbedYou can also see the lineup of "Nigel Cabourn" -Limited Edition 5 -OX'ED SILVER- for the entire lineup of 24AW.

1-2-11 Higashi Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Agata Takezawa Building B1

[Date and time]
May 25, 2024 (Sat) 12:00-19:00 (Final Entrance 18:00)