Globe Poster 2P
Globe Poster 2P
Globe Poster 2P
Globe Poster 2P
Globe Poster 2P
Globe Poster 2P

Globe Poster 2P

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It is an introduction of a two -sided printed special poster.

ANATOMICAGLOBE, a founder and designer director, Pierre Frenier, opened in Paris in 1975, a legendary boutique called the source of a modern select shop.

The excellent aesthetics of Pierre have been attracting attention since then, and the Select Shop is the first to handle brands such as NIKE and NORTHFACE, which were only in the Alden V-Tip Modify last, sports shops and outdoor specialty stores. Invented a groundbreaking concept.
After that, shops like GLOBEs opened around the world one after another, but globe itself disappeared naturally in early 1980.

It was 1979 that Pierre made this poster with full -body graphics on both sides.
It was printed to distribute it to Globe customers.35summersI found Teramoto, the representative Teramoto, was decorated in the cafe of Saint -German in Paris, and begged Pierre to get it around the middle of the 1990s.
After 40 years after the first edition print, we will release a limited edition of 175 sets (2 pieces) with serial numbers.
The two -sided printed, two -disc set of this product adds color to the space as the interior of the room.

"I can understand what I have reprinted for what I have reprinted for, and if you get a peek, I hope you put it in a frame and make it a family treasure to the end of the wall."

Color: ONE
Size: ONE (H80cm x W60cm)
Origin: Japan