JS Vest Syn -Tweed
JS Vest Syn -Tweed
JS Vest Syn -Tweed
JS Vest Syn -Tweed
JS Vest Syn -Tweed
JS Vest Syn -Tweed
JS Vest Syn -Tweed
JS Vest Syn -Tweed
JS Vest Syn -Tweed

Rocky Mountain Featherbed

JS Vest Syn -Tweed

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JS Vest Syn -Tweed, which is light and easy to carry, looks classic.

This fabric adopts 100%polyester tweed, but it looks wool, but not only wonderful texture, but also the ease of handling of 100%synthetic fabric = the best that can help you feel relaxed. The setup has been completed.
It is a special material that is hard to become pills, so you can wear it without hesitation.

Vertical quilting specification for the gir station down vest. The down is only in the front body, preventing the wearing of the back.
The back waist has an adjuster and can be dressed.

Fabric: 100%NYLON
Fill Power: 700fp
Color: Brown/Olive
Size: 36/38/40/42/44/46/48
Origin: Japan

Size Chart (Unit: cm)

size 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
Length 55 57 59 61 63 65 67
bust 46 48.5 51 53.5 56.5 59.5 62.5
shoulder width 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
Hem width 45 47.5 50 52.5 55 58.5 61.5


About brand
1960年代後半、アメリカのワイオミング州ジャクソンにて誕生したブランドRocky Mountain Featherbed。1980年代に消滅してしまった後2005年、35SUMMERSの手により蘇りました。一枚断ちのレザーヨーク、天然ムートンを使用した襟など、確かな価値を受け継ぎつつ、 さらに“現代”というエッセンスを加え、他に類を見ない贅沢な製品を生み出しています。