≪Pre Order≫ [2024AW] Down Jacket Denim
≪Pre Order≫ [2024AW] Down Jacket Denim
≪Pre Order≫ [2024AW] Down Jacket Denim
≪Pre Order≫ [2024AW] Down Jacket Denim
≪Pre Order≫ [2024AW] Down Jacket Denim
≪Pre Order≫ [2024AW] Down Jacket Denim

Rocky Mountain Featherbed

≪Pre Order≫ [2024AW] Down Jacket Denim

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● Delivery schedule: early September 2024
● The deadline will be as soon as the limited quantity is reached.

Rocky Mountain FeatherbedMasterpiece item, Down Jacket.
It is a model that represents the brand that is characterized by a single -cut York leather.

The outer material uses a Japanese denim and reproduces the texture as if worn for several years.
On the liningRMFCUses 70 -denier original nylontafta developed during the resurrection.
This nylontafta, which studied vintage and reprinted faithfully, has a downpack function, and this three -layer structure has greatly increased the lightness and heat retention.

Use European water -repellent down for down. Normally, if you get wet with water, the heat retention will decrease, but the down itself is applied to the down itself and the specifications can maintain the heat retention even in bad weather.
The exquisite down of 90 % feather 10 % boasts a high heat retention of 700FP, achieving surprising lightness and heat retention.

The leather on the yoke part is a combination of tannins and chrome. By dyeing dyeing, it is a durable leather, leaving the natural texture of the leather.

◆ About product specifications and individual differences
Our products are carefully sewn in Japan.
・ Due to the characteristics of natural leather, leather parts may have color unevenness and scratches. This is a natural mark and is a proof of natural leather. There are individual differences in the texture, but please enjoy it as a characteristic of natural leather.
・ The edge of the leather may rise. This is a design characteristic, so please understand.
・ If you are worried about drying or curing the leather, please use a nutrient with an leather cream or the like.
・ To take advantage of the characteristics of feathers, the fabric requires a certain amount of breathability. As a result, the balloon of the feathers is inevitable. If the feathers blow out from the surface of the fabric, do not force them out, but pull the feathers from the back to the inside of the product.
・ For other handling, please check the handling display on the product.

・ Cancellation size changes after ordering cannot be accepted.
・ Depending on the lighting relationship, the color may look different from the actual one. In addition, the color of the product and the image may differ slightly depending on the environment such as PCs and smartphones.
・ Please refer to the product up image for the color of the product.
・ The image of the image is a sample. The actual product, specifications, and processing may be slightly different.
・ The size notation is only a guide.
・ Simultaneous payments with other reserved products and regular products are not possible.
・ Delivery schedule may vary depending on the arrival status.
・ Shipping to customers may be delayed from over -the -counter sales.

Fabric: 100%cotton
Fill Power: 700fp
Color: Indigo UW
Size: 38/40/42/44/46/48/50
Origin: Japan

Size Chart (Unit: cm)

size 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
Length 69 71 73 74 75 76 77
bust 115 120 125 131 137 143 149
shoulder width 43 45 47 49 51 53 55
Sleeve Length 65 66 67 67 67 67 68
Around the hem 112 117 122 128 134 140 146
cuff 24 25 26 26 26 27 28


About brand
1960年代後半、アメリカのワイオミング州ジャクソンにて誕生したブランドRocky Mountain Featherbed。1980年代に消滅してしまった後2005年、35SUMMERSの手により蘇りました。一枚断ちのレザーヨーク、天然ムートンを使用した襟など、確かな価値を受け継ぎつつ、 さらに“現代”というエッセンスを加え、他に類を見ない贅沢な製品を生み出しています。