[Bigyank] Safety Eye Wear 3rd Type
[Bigyank] Safety Eye Wear 3rd Type
[Bigyank] Safety Eye Wear 3rd Type
[Bigyank] Safety Eye Wear 3rd Type
[Bigyank] Safety Eye Wear 3rd Type


[Bigyank] Safety Eye Wear 3rd Type

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Inspired from vintageBIG YANKWhat if created as Safety Eyewear in modern times? The 3rd model that was thrilled.

It is a model that goes further back to the time of the past two works, followed by the 1930s metal frame safety glass.
The biggest feature of this time is a temple with a good fit that wraps around the ear called a rope. In addition, the grounding point between the bridge and the rim is two strong welding methods. I dare to make an industrial design with no carving or decoration.

Created at a carefully selected factory with few rope factories in Japan. The lens is a two -curve lens with a moderate reflection with AYAME original lenses.

Light gray is used for silver with deep gray (green) for gold. Of course, if you bring it to AYAME stores, you can use it as a glasses.

Color: D.GREY
Size: ONE 46 × 21 (one size)
Origin: Japan
Visible light transmittance DK, GREY: 15%
Ultraviolet permeability 1.0 % or less

About brand
1919年にアメリカのシカゴで誕生したワークウエアブランドBIG YANK(ビックヤンク)は、35SUMMERSにより2011年に復刻。労働者向け衣料のブランドとして誕生し、誕生初期から作業着として独創的かつ革新的なディティールの特許を取得したり多くの紙面広告、そして高いクオリティーで他のワークウエアブランドとの差別化を図ったブランドです。